10 Countries with Strange Laws You Should Know Before Visit

Countries with Strange Laws

Every country is unique in its own different way. They have different structures, different vices, different norms, and also a different variety of food. Different countries have different attractions of tourist places, different reasons as to why a person visits the place and also different historical significance behind each one of them. Every different country has its own set of law and order which are meant to be followed by the citizens of the country. A country having different laws can be astonishing to the members of the other countries and there might be a possibility of the law being broken by the country member. It is always preferable that you have a detailed knowledge of a country’s law before you plan to visit it. In different countries, having different weird laws can become a punishable offense for you. Some weird laws of some countries are:

1. Singapore – Chewing Gums is Banned


Chewing any kind of gum is a punishable offense in Singapore. It has been banned under the Imports and Exports regulations. Any gummy substances including the gums that are provided by vegetables, and bubble gum, or even medicated chewing gums are to be refrained from using when in Singapore. If any person is caught selling, buying, or even producing any substance of gum, he has to undergo a very heavy fine and sometimes might even have to go to prison for it. People do not dispose of their gums in the correct way, which is also another reason why this law was imposed in Singapore.

2. Thailand – Stepping on Thai Currency is Crime

Thailand has many unusual weird laws. One among them is stepping on the Thai currency, the Baht. It is considered to be a crime to step on the currency even if it is lying on the floor. There must be no problem obeying this rule since people usually do not leave their money on the ground. The reason behind it being a crime is because the currency of Thailand has the face of the king of Thailand engraved on it. Stepping on the currency is considered to be disrespecting the king in front of his subjects.

3. Denmark – Vehicles Headlight Must be on even during the Daytime

The government in Denmark believes that the headlight present in the vehicles must be on even during the daytime. They believe that it brings a lot of reduction in the number of car crashes and big accidents. When a headlight of a car is on, it makes the car more visible on the road, highlighting its presence. When the person behind or in font sees the ray of light, he knows that there is a car nearby and drives accordingly. Newer vehicles that are being produced in Denmark have the system of not being able to turn off the headlight at all.

4. Canada – Torrento, and Montreal has Different Driving Laws

Although Toronto and Montreal are two different cities of the same country – Canada, the weird thing is that they have very different diving laws in each of them. In Montreal, it is considered to be illegal to take a right-hand turn when on red. There have been many proposals to the government to uplift the law considering the time-sensitivity while going to work, the law still pursues. While in Toronto, it is a punishable offence if you are found smoking while driving. Public smoking anywhere outdoors has been banned in Toronto for environmental saving reasons as well. So it happens to be a criminal offence if you are found smoking while driving in Toronto.

5. Columbia – Two Male Passengers not allowed on Motorcycle

The Columbian government believes that letting two male passengers ride on a motorcycle increases the number of crimes like murder, robbery, and other such things from being committed. Men are not allowed to ride as a passenger in Columbia from 8 in the morning till midnight. Weirdly enough, there has been a decrease of 39% in the crime rates of target killing after this law was passed too in just 13 months. The Columbian cities have been against two males riding on a motorcycle since the time of Pablo Escobar when local assassins existed and they performed crimes openly on the roads when on a motorcycle.

6. Sri Lanka – No Buddha Tattoo

It is believed that you will be refrained from entering Sri Lanka if a tattoo of Buddha is spotted on your body. More than half of the citizens of Sri Lanka, that is 70% are Buddhists and are also staunch believers of Buddhism. They do not take any kind of disrespect for lord buddha. Although there have been no established laws of not having a Buddha tattoo, the citizens themselves do not like imprinting one and do not allow their tourists to have one either. Many of the tourists have also been arrested for having a Buddha tattoo and entering Sri Lanka.

7. Greece – No High Heels on Archaeological Sites

No High Heels

The archaeological sites of Greece consist of monuments that are so old that they might suffer from wear or tear even if it is tampered with in the slightest bit. Many of the monuments have been damaged due to the stepping on of high heels. This is the reason women are not allowed to wear high heels when they are out to have a visit to any of the archaeological sites of Greece.

8. Germany – Run out of Patrol

It is a criminal offence to stop at an autobahn for no valid reason. Turns out, running out of petrol is not an eminent reason to stop and refuel at an autobahn. The government of Germany punishes the driver for their reluctance to check the fuel tank of their vehicle before or while driving. It is very risky to stop at an autobahn unless there is a grave emergency. The stopping of vehicles on the autobahn can be very dangerous for all the passing vehicles. You will be prevented from running into any problem if you have almost run out of gas, but still, somehow manage to stop at a safe parking place.

9. Maldives – Everything Against Islamic Laws

The constitution of the Maldives is most English and Islam based. The English language is only for commercial purposes, but the Islamic one plays throughout the entire country. The citizen of Maldives does not support anything that goes against the Islamic laws because they worship Islam and most of them belong to the Islamic tribe. No item can be imported or exported to the Maldives if it is something that is against Islam.

10 – Pakistan & Indonesia – Can’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The Pakistani people are against the celebration of valentine’s day because many riots were caused due to the contradiction of the different beliefs the different people of Pakistan had. There were enormous riots regarding the same which led to gunfighting as well, which became the sole reason to ban the celebration of valentine’s day in Pakistan.

Although many people in Indonesia celebrate valentine’s day, it is illegal to be a part of the celebration because the Indonesian government thinks that valentines day promotes having intercourse before marriage.

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