10 Perfect Jobs for Travel Lover

Jobs for Travel Lovers

Imagine being able to travel several times a month without having to ask for a vacation. Every week a different destination, a different country, a different culture, etc. – Sounds very tempting, right? But is it possible – just get a job that allows you to travel! Whether you’re a travel hostess, au-pair, or travel blogger, there are endless ways to combine your passion with work. In this article, you will find a selection of 10 jobs that will allow you not only to satisfy your desire to travel but also to fill your pocket. Here is the selection of the 10 Jobs for Travel Lover. If you consider yourself a person who seeks to combine work life with a passion for travel, these Jobs for Travel Lover will surely allow you to achieve it.

1. Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

If you are a travel lover, you can work as an international event coordinator. These coordinators plan, organize and coordinate international conferences, conventions, business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, festivals, and other related activities. These professionals are often hired to work in global tourism associations, convention centers, government entities, and event companies, or they may be self-employed. The organization of global events consists of coordinating the logistics of different areas, including budgets, speakers, transportation, decoration, food, drinks, equipment, and supplies.

2. Consultant


Management consultant professionals can frequently travel to carry out their work, fundamentally when they reach a level of recognition or prestige that makes the world’s best organizations decide to hire them. They are dedicated to working with companies that want to maximize their growth or solve management problems, so the destination of their trips will depend on the company that hires them, with which we can basically say that they can travel anywhere on the planet.

3. Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise Ship Worker

Do you want to discover several countries in a short period and embark on an adventure like no other? Then you should apply to become part of the cruise crew. New ports and new destinations every day ensure a new daily adventure. Clearly, you should make sure that you can withstand the constant movement of the sea and it really does not matter what you want to do onboard, wait tables, work in reception, or even sailor, the variety of jobs in a shipping company are infinite, sure there will be one for you! Enjoy exclusive parties for employees, exclusive areas of the ship, and make your savings to enjoy a well-deserved vacation later.

Working on board an aircraft allows you to visit many countries, make new acquaintances while giving you up to 90% discount on flights, hotels, and rentals for yourself and your family.

4. Flight Attendant

Flight attendant

If you like to fly, this is your perfect job! You have the opportunity to travel around the world being paid, what more could you ask for? In this profession, every day is different, since you can visit various destinations and explore countless different cultures in the course of a week. But this is not all, you also get discounts on flights for the direct family, and you will also get discounted tickets annually (this depends, of course, on the airline). The airline also provides accommodation for workers, and depending on the destination; you can enjoy excursions and free time to visit the city. There is nothing to complain about!

5. International Aid Worker

International aid worker

International aid work is characterized by providing practical service to global communities, social groups, or individuals in vulnerable situations that are a destination abroad. Solidarity, social commitment, empathy, cooperation, and altruism, among others, are some of the values that this practice, which can be accessed by professionals from different areas and disciplines.

6. International Tour Guide

International tour guide

Do you like contact with people, share your knowledge and travel at the same time? Working as a tour guide is your profession! Imagine being able to regularly travel through the most important cities and share your knowledge with people. If you have the ability to inspire people, this job is definitely yours! You would have to speak several languages as well as know very well the cities in which you will work. There are countless travel agencies that regularly look for tour guides.

7. Volunteer


This is not a profession, but we included volunteering in the review because anyone can do it, and does not always require special skills. Teams of volunteers are often recruited for international festivals and conferences. These are mainly young people who want to be part of an interesting event and at the same time, visit a new city or even a country. The plus is the benefit to society because this is the basis of volunteering. There are many international volunteering programs, for example, environmental projects in which you need to take care of alpacas in Sweden, clean up the Arctic, grow vegetables in Brazil, and participate in an archaeological expedition. You can also go to any country and live with your family from that country, helping with household chores and children.

8. Travel Agent

Travel agent

No, I am not referring to the person who sells you the plane tickets at the agency on the corner, but to the teams of the agencies and tour operators who are dedicated to researching new routes, visiting hotels, and designing the famous “vacation packages” that then they offer us. No, not everything is done by computer, although there is also a lot of office work.

9. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

In recent years travel bloggers have been popping up on all corners, making it much more difficult to make a living from this job. But with a little effort, anything is possible! Generally, the greater the reach of your blog, the more requests for accommodation and tourist associations interested in your blog you will receive. However, before you start traveling the world for free, it is essential that you build a loyal community of travel supporters and service providers.

10. Photographer


As a travel photographer, you have the ability to travel the world and hopefully even get paid for it. Of course, you have to find spectacular places, photograph them, and find someone to sell it to; it is not very easy to become a travel photographer. For this job, you need a lot of patience and a genuine passion for photography – money shouldn’t be an incentive. Also, it is often easier to work for a production company. Nowadays, it also helps a lot to know how to work with a drone, to take incredible photos that sell very well.

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