10 Tips to Remember while Flying First Time

Tips to Remember while Flying First Time

Air travel is one of the most popular forms of travel as it is fast and comfortable and allows people to travel thousands of miles in a relatively short time and access parts of the world that would previously have been inaccessible.

For your convenience I have put together some suggestions that will make your first time travel experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Buying tickets: Make sure you buy your tickets from a reliable source – a company that offers good value and service for a fair price (find here). Here is a small guide on how to buy your flight tickets online.

Check all your required documents: For most flights you will need a passport and for some a photo ID card can be used. Certain destinations and nationalities will also require a visa. Don’t forget that if you are traveling with infants, you must also carry their birth certificate with you.

Baggage: Check how much free baggage your airline is giving you – airlines measure the baggage in weight and size so confirms that your baggage is not exceeding the either the weight limit allowed or the size limitations or you will have to pay extra for extra baggage.

Flight Status:remember to check your flights status (departure time and check in) either online or at the airport any time from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure.

Arrive at the airport on time: Check in, security and other checks take time. Try to reach the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Check In:Check in at the check in desk and collect your boarding pass, weight your luggage and if you have excess baggage, you will need to pay for this here. After that you will have to pass through security where you will need to keep your boarding pass handy at all times as a security attendant will ask you to see this and your proof of identification.

At securitytake off your shoes, jackets etc. and place them on the conveyer belt along with your luggage. To avoid delays and for convenience, consider packing items such as shoes, jacket, laptop etc. in your hand luggage.

After passing through security check in check your gate number on the screen to make sure that it is the same as on your boarding pass. Check the boarding and flight time and make sure everything is as per schedule, take a seat, grab a coffee, relax and wait until your flight is called for boarding. Alternatively, you can get yourself something to eat or do some last minute shopping but don’t forget to listen for announcements and check the screens to ensure that you make it to the gate in good time for boarding.

When you board the plane the flight attendant will guide or direct you to your seat as per your boarding pass. Place your luggage in the overhead cabin and take your seat, switch off any electronic devices such as mobiles, MP3 players, laptops etc. and don’t turn them on until the flight attendants advise you that it is permitted to do so. Follow all safety instructions given by the captain and flight attendants onboard as the rules are for your own safety as well as others around you.

Have you arrived at your destination? Congratulations! Now if you need a taxi to your final destination, check the nearby helpdesk as they will tell you where you need to go. If your family or friends are at airport to meet you, give them a call or go to the meeting point to find them. Congratulations on a successful journey!

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