11 Most Popular Beaches Of Sweden You Shouldn’t Miss

Beaches Of Sweden

Are you wondering about creating your precious vacation memories in Sweden with your family or friends? It’s undeniable how everyone, especially beach lovers, could easily fall for Sweden. You would know that the beautiful beaches of Sweden are one of the crucial reasons that tourists gets attracted towards it.

If you are a water enthusiast or want to enjoy a peaceful holiday near beaches, visit Sweden and witness the sun rays glistening in the crystal clear water. Though the beauty of maximum beaches is artificially made, you’d find it perfect for enjoying both summer and winter.

11 Best Beaches of Sweden

  1. Sandhammaren
  2. Tylösand
  3. Lomma
  4. Haväng
  5. Skrea Strand
  6. Knäbäckshusens Strand
  7. Tofta strand
  8. Skanör-Falsterbo
  9. Sudersand
  10. Böda
  11. Varamon

Let’s discuss the eleven cleanest and most gorgeous beaches you must not miss out on once you’re in Sweden. TheSweden beaches in the list below are famous for their beauty and the various activities one could enjoy there. It would be best if you head to the beaches in the early hours so that you could avoid the afternoon rush.

1. Sandhammaren Beach

Sandhammaren Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches of Skåne, which was being awarded several times as Sweden’s best beach. This particular beach will make you understand beauty as it has complementing rolling dunes and fine white sand that is stretched long that pushes out west and east. The beach is famous for the lighthouse present in it that offers the best views from the top of the beach, creating an incredible experience for the visitors. You can not only enjoy swimming or bathing on hot summer days in the temperamental waves, or you can even take long walks along the pine grove. It would be best if you were careful about the water currents as the beach is at the southernmost point of Sweden to be dangerous.

2. Tylösand Beach

Tylösand Beach

Those who want to have the best experience in the liveliest beach should visit Tylösand. This particular beach is one of the most known beaches of Swedenas it has a wide sandy beach having a shallow shore area. It consists of a very fine and almost white sand beach, and it is kept clean, and you’ll get wastepaper baskets at regular distances on the beach. Also, there are several accessible toilets around the coast. You’ll find lifeguards keeping an eye on the bathers during mid-June to mid-August which seems to be the high season so, and the current would be dangerous. You can enjoy beach parties at night and other water sports once you’re here.

3. Lomma Beach

Lomma Beach

Lomma beach is located in the small town of Lomma, a beautiful sandy beach stretching along the coast for a few hundred meters. You can witness the beautiful white sand and lowgrassy dunes behind it. You can see a perfect bright blue water here, and conjuring it with white sand makes the beach a picture-perfect place. This beach, in particular, is quite popular among families and children, and the water stays shallow for a long way which seems to be safe for even paddlers.

4. Haväng Beach

Haväng Beach

Haväng beach has an endless stretch of fine golden sand situated on the east coast of Skåne. This is one of Sweden’s most beautiful and famous beaches, and you can feel the incredible rural landscape of woodlands and meadows. If you overlook the beach, you’ll find an impressive Stone Age Burial site known as Havängdosen. You have to visit on the right day to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of this place.

5. Skrea Strand

Skrea Strand

This particular beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches you’ll find in Halland. You can enjoy the precious days of your life on the gorgeous two Kilometres sandy beach. Also, if you visit the beach in summer, you’d see wide varieties of kiosks and eateries. Moreover, you can find the famous bathing jetty there 250m long, and even a ramp especially for the disabled. Those who want to have the best experience of the beach from day to night could stay at any of the two hotels located right at the beach. You can even spend your time playing mini-golf or by going to an after the beach.

6. Knäbäckshusens Strand

Knäbäckshusens Strand

Many of you might not know the other name of Knäbäckshusens Strand, which is Rörums strand. This incredible beach is a natural sandy beach of several kilometres and narrows near the coastal Knäbäckshusens village. As one of the liveliest beaches of Sweden, it consists of fine-grained white sands. The locality and atmosphere make the beach special and loved by several people.

7. Tofta strand

Tofta strand

It’s undeniable that this is the largest island of Sweden, and we could say that this particular beach is the home of several Scandinavian beaches. This beach is the second largest near Gotland and has soft, almost white sands sloping gently towards the beautiful, primarily chilly waters. It is an ideal spot for having good times with your loved ones. During summer months, the beach buzzed with several activities and water entertainments that could be perfect for spending precious vacation.

8. Skanör-Falsterbo Beach

Skanör-Falsterbo Beach

Those who have already visited this fantastic beach like Swedish design would love to pay another visit there. It is straightforward, clean and would create a serene environment. Also, the beach surrounded by high dunes, and you’ll get to preserve your post picnic naps as there’s a ban on jet skis and motorbikes on this particular beach. You can enjoy your sunbathing there and later treat yourself to the unique ice cream or cocktail available near the beach.

9. Sudersand Beach

Sudersand Beach

As one of the largest island of Sweden-Gotland, it offers magnificent beauty with various historical places. You’d find it challenging to get there at first glance as this particular place is not connected to the mainland, and you’ll need to hire a ferry to reach there. The beauty of the beach with a sloppy sandy shore reaching the calm sea will appeal to everyone regardless of age. You’d find stones and low cliffs near the beach at some places, suggesting that it wouldn’t be the best choice for a beach holiday. But, it creates a majestic atmosphere as you’ll find this place windy all around the year.

10. Böda Beach

Böda Beach

We would say that this particular beach generally surprises the visitors with its uniqueness, and you’ll find sand-covered throughout its length. This beach is perfect for those looking for calmness, and you can sit for several hours on the shallow shore as there’s a separate bathing space near the beach. You can enjoy several outdoor activities and sports, including volleyball and soccer, and rental boats or boats for scuba diving are also available.

11. Varamon Beach

Varamon Beach

This particular beach is somehow different from all Sweden’s beaches mentioned in this list as this beach is not on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Interestingly, this beach is near the banks of the picturesque Lake Veteran. The second-largest beach in the whole country has clear water and fine sand, making the entire thing more charming with the marvellous smell of pine trees. You could enjoy several activities near the beach, including feeding birds and even walking along the shore.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ve known about the top beaches in Sweden and other helpful information through this article. You must immediately plan the best trip of your life towards Sweden where you could enjoy outdoor activities near beaches and water entertainment.

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