9 Best Kept Secrets of Air Travel

Kept Secrets of Air Travel

We all have to travel for our work purpose or to spend our holidays in aeroplane, buses or trains. We should take some precautions in order to have a safe journey. For many of us, travelling became one of the routines for all us. We are acquainted with long waiting lines, delays and revocations of tickets. We have teamed up to find out some air travel secrets which 90% of passengers don’t know. Come let us do some research on it.

The kept secret of air travel is stated below.

1. No danger of using cell-phones.

When the plane starts to fly, the announcement comes from the air hostess that either to switch off the phone or to put it in an aeroplane mode. It is not possible that portable electronic devices like a laptop or cell phone really have any connection with the internal system of the plane. Now it is completely up to the department of the airline, whether they will permit the passengers to use mobile or not. This is the kept secret of air travel.

2. It is better to not have coffee or tea.

I would suggest that not to take coffee or tea while travelling in an aeroplane. It is very difficult to clean the water tanks of the aeroplane, though they use disinfectant still some virus and bacteria stay there. So don’t drink any kinds of beverages.

3. Turbulence is not responsible for anyone’s death.

It is declared that turbulence never caused any damage. It is simply the peculiar thinking of passengers that they must be wounded if they face any turbulence. Sometimes the passengers and crew members got hurt by unforecasted clear air turbulence, but if you tightly clamped your seatbelt then nothing will harm you.

4. Know your proper rights.

You should be intelligent sufficiently about everything when it comes to your money. If flight delays then it is not that you have to accept that. You have the full right to get compensation if your flight gets delayed, cancelled or overbooked in three years. Many passengers are totally aware of these rights. This is one of the kept secrets by air travels.

5. Food tastes different

Altitude is one of the key factors which brings differentiation in your tastebuds. The low humidity and cabin pressure combine with each other and make dull to certain foods and heighten the tastes of other food. Fruity flavours like blackberries, red berries, watermelon taste worst. Even hard drinks like Wine and beer also taste like watery substances. So it is better to avoid juicily substances.

6. Get unexpected freebies.

Airlines generally don’t advertise it but you can get a can of soda, snacks, water bottle, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes free of cost. Many airlines, for instance, make it an agreement to offer a free bonus snack or drink on halted flights, but they don’t make a point of declaring it—you have to know to ask.

7. Science can help you to avoid the plane plague

It is often noticed that people get sick while travelling on a plane. They feel nausea, vomiting, vertigo etc. The research found that those who chose window seats made relatively less germ-spreading contact with other passengers than those in the centre or corridor seats, with those at the front and back of the plane making the limited contact of all. This way you can get rid of your sickness. Sometimes Vitamin C also helps you to feel better. The airline service will always provide you with Vitamin C.

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8. The baby-free zone is available

Travelling with little ones is a bit problematic. If your seat is next to a newborn baby, then you might get disturbed by the crying of the baby. You can reduce your odds by choosing seats away from the bulkheads. These compartments tend to offer parents the best spots to secure baby seats and bassinets, and an end to be the first ones distributed to travellers who are flying with wee ones—which means that if you are looking to keep your travel time adults-only, you should consider bulkheads your no-fly zone. The baby will also feel safe in the baby seat.

9. The toilets are never really locked.

You can open the lavatory doors without any external support. Simply slide the knob to unlock the door. Don’t get panic, the toilets are never really locked.

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