Guitar Island Beach – A Guide to Hidden Gem of Andaman

Guitar Island Beach


The Guitar Island is one of the least unexplored surreal places situated in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The peculiar thing about this island is that it has the shape of a guitar when viewed from an aerial perspective of a seaplane ride from Andaman or a drone capture. The natural beauty of this island also comes from the lushing greenery mountains and forest surrounded by the vast, tranquil sea. The less-visited sites often give many adventure seekers and tourists a chill down the spine, but that’s also the main reason why they come to explore the gorgeous island.

The Guitar Island was previously a protected forest adjoining a coral-bearing area located in the Long Island group. The gallivanting number of tourists in the adjacent islands led the Andaman Islands tourist department to allow travellersa one-day trip to the Guitar Island. The island is unoccupied by the Andaman tribes, giving more reasons for tourists to visit the clean and neat place. The mesmerizing views of the island can attract people of all ages and give them immense satisfaction and a soothing effect. It has the most scenic views, rare wildlife and unique vegetation in the most pristine form for every onlooker to enjoy and fascinate.

The Guitar Island Beach is the highest attraction on the island as it is the home of many interesting sea creatures and unique underwater plants. The sea wildlife includes varieties of sharks, alligators, sand crab, hermit crab and other vivid insects resulting in an exclusive marine ecosystem. The white sandy beach, different wildlife and waves hitting the clean shores have a calming and distinctive experience. The Guitar Island Beach is the optimal spot for nature lovers, adventure seekers, solo travellers, monsoon savours, honeymooners and solitude seekers. The tourist-friendly island for more pleasurable activities and fun itineraries for adventure-seeking visitors.

  1. Best Time to Visit Guitar Island
  2. How to Get There
  3. Places to Stay Near Guitar Island
  4. Things to Do and Explore at Guitar Island
    1. Boat Ride
    2. Underwater Swimming
    3. Mangroves
    4. Explore Island
    5. Sea Walking

Best Time to Visit Guitar Island

The Guitar Island is that kind of tourist spot that can be visited throughout the year. The summer remains dry, and the winter becomes cool, averaging 22 degrees Celsius all yearround. Cool breezes flow through the island at all times, and the tropical climate is the main attraction for tourists. Tourists can avoid the months of March to May if they cannot withstand temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. The winter season from October to February is the best time to visit the islands as it is the dry season. The monsoon chasers can travel to this island during the monsoon season, from June to September, for a beautiful romantic time. The summer and winter season is the best time to visit the island for the tourists who seek a fantastic, surreal experience.

How to Get There

Tourists can reach Guitar Island through a government boat or a private tourist boat which hardly takes 15 minutes to sail from Port Blair. There is an international airport in Port Blair through which tourists from anywhere in the world can come through connecting or direct flights. There are no road or train facilities to reach this island, and hence finding a boat jetty is the only way to reach the island.

Best Places to Stay Near Guitar Island

The Guitar Island is a part of the Natural Reserve, and therefore, it does not have any lodging amenities or tourist facilities. The visitors have to stay in hotels or resorts in the neighbouring island like Long Island or Rangat. The Blue Planet is a famous place for the tourists to stay which has decent adobes and eco-accommodation. The Government of India has also created a tourist lodge with moderate residing options. Camping in the Andaman Islands can be a satisfying and unforgettable experience for adventure seekers.

Things to Do and Explore at Guitar Island

Boat Ride

Hiring a boat is the best choice for tourists to make a delightful and scenic experience towards Guitar Island. Boats can be hired by visitors from Port Blair itself or Long Island. The journey from Port Blair to Guitar Island Beach will take at least 4 to 5 hours to reach with mind-boggling and phenomenal glimpses of the scattered islands on the travel. The fear of falling into the sea can be excluded from the minds of visitors as the water is shallow on the way, and one does not need to know swimming. On the way, tourists can see local fishermen and other visitors enjoying the locations by kayaking or touring the scattered islands. Tribal peoples can be seen on many island shores, and the best time to reach the Guitar Island for a beautiful sunrise is the early morning hour. The sunset is also lovely, which can be seen on your return journey to Port Blair or Long Island.

Underwater Swimming


Underwater Swimming is the greatest way for tourists who do not know how to swim to experience a lively marine experience without the fear of drowning. The Guitar Island Beach holds the most distinct and colourful marine creatures in its ecosystem that will leave the spectators in awe of nature. Travellers who seek solitude and serenity can use snorkeling as the best getaway experience on the path less travelled. The adventure can be comfortably experienced when the tides are low and wearing your own swimsuits and snorkeling gear. The gear and swimsuits can be bought from any sports shop in Port Blair.



Hiring a kayak and exploring the serene mangroves is the best romantic or peaceful solitude experience one can create on Guitar Island. The travel through the seawater plants will give a quiet and elegant adventure for the voyager. The sunlight beaming through the plant’s gap at the top will relieve the traveller sailing in a gloomy background. Couples can enjoy their privacy in these less-travelled paths making it a memorable experience for a lifetime. The mangrove’s canopy will captivate the tourists in an incredible way such that the spectators will appreciate the wonders of nature and fall in love over and over again.

Explore Island

Walking through the sea to a nearby island on a low tide day is the unbelievable thing an adventure seeker can do in Guitar Island Beach. The experience is called island hopping, and it is the most sought-after activity for incoming visitors. The cheapest way to do island hopping safely in Guitar Island is to hire a traditional boat and set out in the sea. The hidden gems located nearby the island can also be explored in the boat ride for the cost of one itself.

Sea Walking

Sea Walking

Sea walking on the shores of Guitar Island Beach is a thrilling and pleasant adventure for the visitors on the island. The low and high tide timings should be noted or asked from the local guide for safety purposes. The crystal-clear seawater can enable spectators to capture underwater photography and get a glimpse of exotic marine wildlife. Sand crabs carve the sand in fascinating patterns leaving the tourists a lovely view to expect. Sitting under the sun on a shallow beach and relaxing with cool breezes flowing is the favourite experience for many tourists.


The Guitar Island is a mystical place to visit in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which does not get crowded in any season. Pre-booking for all the travel facilities with a local tour company is highly recommended to avoid many on-spot issues. Exploring new places and trying out the regional cuisines and activities will bring pleasing and satisfying happiness to the visitors. The journey to the Guitar Island and inside it will give a memorable experience to tourists of all ages

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