Tips for Travel Lovers to Survive Covid 19 Lock-down

Tips for Travel Lovers to Survive Covid 19 Lock-down

It is often difficult to spend free time these days, under the lockdown conditions of COVID 19. Since it’s a lot of free time, it can often feel like you have for months stopped breathing. Being busy has become the norm and it doesn’t last long if you have a lot of free time. With a world filled with people who think that having some free time is bad and that something needs to be filled every moment, we lose our productivity. The best way to spend a lot of free time is to relax, have fun, unwind from a busy day or spend time with a friend.

So in free time, what to do?

Make the most productive use of little chunks of time. It is really up to you, your working styles and what your to-do list makes the best use of your free time. But it’s useful to have such a list so you can quickly find a way to work instantly with that little spare time, without thinking about it. Use the below list of tips to survive covid 19 lock-down within a short time as a travel lover.

1. List out your next travel location

You can do research on your next travel location in your free time. Details about different places are available on the internet and you can make a thorough research and planning for your next tour.

2. Watch Travel Movies

Eat Pray Love Movie

You can watch different Travel movies to learn more about travelling skills. These Travel movies will help you to learn about different Travel destinations as well as spend your free time in an entertaining way.

3. Learn a New Language

Use the free time to pick up a new hobby or learn a new language. This will help you in your travel to different parts of the world. If, in a particular area of your life, you want to improve your knowledge, but you do not want to leave the house for this purpose, go to the web for online courses on the subject in question. You can learn a new language in a similar way. In order to get you started, you might even find some free online course.

4. Watch Documentaries

One can watch different documentaries related to travel themes and consolidate one’s knowledge and travel related skills. There are many good services which offer documentaries on different topics.

5. Write about your past Travel Experience

If you have a lot of spare time and you have a knack of writing, you can write about your travel experiences. You can write about different travel itineraries you have experienced and can publish your blog as well.

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6. Create a YouTube Channel to share your travel stories

Another way to share your experiences is to make short videos based on your travel experiences and publish them on Youtube. You can make your own channel and publish different travel related videos in your channel.

7. Keep yourself fit for next adventure

Exercising is a fantastic way to take advantage of your time, even if it is a fast five minute walk along the road. After your work-out you will feel more vigorous, healthy and willing to face the rest of the day, rather than sitting on the couch before your TV and feeling lenient and faint-hearted for the rest of the day.

You not only get productive with your spare time when you exercise, but you are also taking advantage of the many advantages that come with exercise, including feeling happier and staying fit for your next adventure.

8. Learn Cooking

This is an excellent way to spend your time productively, and when you are ready, you will end up enjoying a delicious treat. Even if you were never a baker or cooker, try your hand and see if you like it. This can help you if you travel to a place where you don’t get the food you like to eat.

Thus, we have seen in detail how you can continue your travel passion in this Lockdown Period also. Once this lockdown period due to COVID 19 ends, you can take advantage of time spent in fruitful activities.

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